Tesla Valet Mode, Tesla Valet Service, Tesla Supercharger Valet Service, and Tesla Luxe On-Demand Valet...Confused?

Seems these days the phrase "Tesla Valet" has a lot of meanings, from a mode on your Tesla Model S or X, to a new service at superchargers that isn't quite what it seems. We have broken out these four valet services from Tesla to give it all a little more clairty.

Tesla Valet

Tesla Valet Mode

Tesla Valet ModeTesla "Valet Mode" has the ability to disable certian features and limit driving performance in the Model S or X. The valet mode locks the glove box, limits top speed and acceleration, as well as hiding personal information such as your home and work addresses.

Valet Mode is accessible from the Driver Profiles drop down through the main display or through the Tesla Mobile app while the car is parked.

For a more information visit our page titled "Tesla Valet Mode - A Comprehensive Review".

Tesla Valet for Service Centers

What happens when you sell a $100,000 car, but the service centers are limited. Offer free valet service to pick up and return your car. This was the poilcy for Tesla car owners until recently when Tesla started charging for this service.

Tesla has decided, without notice, that they no longer offer valet service in many areas, and if they do, it will cost you. This is troubling for Tesla owners who were sold the car with an understanding from Tesla staff that this service was guaranteed.

Now if you live more than 25 miles from a service center, the answer has become much more expensive. I called Tesla and it was almost $200 for the 32 mile drive (64 mile round trip) to pick up my car for it's upcoming service.

Tesla Supercharger Valet Service

Tesla Supercharger Valet ServiceTesla Supercharger Valet Service sounds intreging. I imagine a team in red and black jumpers running out to service my car, top off my washer fliud, check tire pressure, and oh yeah, plug-in. Maybe you pull-up to a Tesla branded valet booth to drop off your car while being supercharged?

Sorry to disappoint, but the hype around the Tesla Valet Service at certain Supercharging stations is just that, over-blown hype. If you own a Tesla and drive in a place where the car is becoming more common, you might have noticed that the charging stations are becoming more congested. Well, Tesla has noticed as well and has launched a Supercharger valet service sort of. Tesla has apparently confirmed now having “attendants” at certain Supercharger stations, but it is not calling the service “valet charging” since they claim that “they will not be driving the vehicles or taking the keys”.

Recent comments from Tesla owners do contridict the Tesla statement, as owners are claiming these "attendants" are in fact greeting drivers as they arrive, offering to valet park their car until a spot opens up, at which time the attendant will pull in and begin charging. Until now, the Superchargers were largely unsupervised and employees were only present for maintenance or repairs.

Tesla On-Demand Valet Parking and Charging Services With Luxe

Tesla Luxe Valet ServiceTesla has now officially announced a partnership with Luxe on-demand valet parking and charging services to its owners in New York and San Francisco. The valet service addresses two different problems in cities, electric charging and parking, which is a problem for both electric and combustible engines.

The Luxe app allows for on-demand valet service to come pick up your Tesla and park it at a designated charging station. Your car will be returned to you when you are ready by simply requesting it through the Luxe app, ideally about 20-30 minutes before you require it. Additional services are available such as a car wash, overnight parking, or have a driver pick you up and drive you home in your car...in case you might not be able to drive yourself.

Luxe offers the “Tesla Valet Subscription” services based on a monthly fee or ‘à la carte’. The services are not cheap, but neither is parking in New York and San Francisco.

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